Scent Trunk


Scent Trunk is a company that designs original fragrances for their clients based on a guided process of personal discovery. Members start with a Scent Test kit composed of a palette of six core scents, each of which are designed to help them discover what they love and loathe. They then deliver a one-month supply of a custom fragrance formula. Using the data collected, they are able to create more fragrant products (lotions, soaps, etc.) than anyone else.


Scent Trunk’s application used an old fashioned technology stack that had no proper tests, clear separation of frontend and backend code or CI/CD.
They were looking for skilled developers who could develop and maintain their product.


From day one, Ulam Labs started to introduce sweeping changes together with new features, which resulted in most of the technical debt being neutralized after the 4th Sprint. On top of that, the delivering of new features and production deployment were made more reliable and conducted faster than ever before. This all allowed the client to focus on growing their business rather than sweating over the technical aspects of their application.

What the client says
It is a pleasure to work with Ulam Labs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for team that is very professional, delivers results with quality and on time, and truly cares about your product/brand.
Ulam Labs are different than other developers we've worked with because they are always put the customer experience first.
Finally, their communication is amazing, they are always extremely responsive. I think this once again says a lot about their desire for every company they work to succeed.

William Yin
CEO and Co-Founder, Scent Trunk

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