Willard Agri-Service


Headquartered in Frederick, the capital of Maryland, Willard Agri-Service is an independently owned and fully-fledged agricultural retailer located in the Mid-Atlantic region.


The company provide uniquely composed fertilizers, nutrient management planning, precise agronomic services and state-of-the-art crop protection products.


The Genesis
Willard Agri-Service had been using a 15-year-old custom Visual Basic application and a 10-year-old PHP application to manage their sales orders and fertilizer production in their 5 plants. This setup was obviously not fit for purpose in the current climate.


Who use it
The PHP application previously used by the sales team had been designed to manage an order’s lifecycle. Meanwhile the VB application, installed on a computer in each plant, pulled in orders and subsequently created a uniquely customized fertilizer recipe that was mixed using a PLC device.


Our job
Create one solid web based application that combines functionality of both.

The new application, which successfully combined the functions of both the old apps, was created in just 8 months.

This was made possible by our decision to use AngularJS in order to create a Single Page App that speaks to a Django based application running on AWS. To facilitate communication between the PLC device and the mixer’s controls, we created a small Windows Service that listens to a localhost port and thereby communicates with our SPA AngularJS app via CORS.

Technology used:

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