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We are a software company doing custom python programming
for our Clients.

What we do

SaaS development

SaaS development

Applications hosted in the cloud and served to clients as-a-service.

Mobile development

Mobile development

Whether it is iOS or Android, we can help you find the best way to design, develop and deploy your app.

Software development consultation

Software development consultation

We can help your team select the right technology stack, find any potential pitfalls, navigate DevOps challenges and do the scaling.

Who we are

Meet the founders

Konrad and Bartosz have been on the same wavelength since childhood. Since then they have both embarked on successful stints as Software Development Managers, but now the duo are teaming up again to front an exciting venture in the shape of Ulam Labs.

Konrad Rotkiewicz

Konrad Rotkiewicz

Lead Full Stack Python Developer and System Engineer

  • Seasoned Full Stack Python Developer and System Engineer.
  • A strong background in Embedded & Networking programming, as well as experience leading multiple teams for UK and US customers, has laid the foundations for Konrad to become a natural Technology leader.
  • A man obsessed with continuous improvements, Konrad is never satisfied with his results.

Known for: Getting to the office first and exiting last.

Bartosz Jarocki

Bartosz Jarocki

Lead mobile and web applications developer

  • Experienced mobile and web applications developer who continuously experiments with cutting edge technologies to find improved and faster solutions to given problems.
  • Bartosz is someone who believes it is the "little things that make big things happen", something that pushes him to pay a high attention to detail when creating polished, pixel perfect, smooth and responsive applications.

Known for: Never missing deadlines and his "never say die" attitude.


Technology we use everyday: Python, Django, Google App Engine, JavaScript, Angular.


Our main backend language, we build scalable web services using many great Python frameworks like Django, Pyramid, Flask and others.


We design and develop modern Javascript applications using cutting edge standards and libraries like ES6, Angular and React.

Android & iOS

We create highly polished, simple, intuitive Android and iOS apps using clean architecture and newest technologies like RxSwift, RxJava, Kotlin or even React Native.


We provide comprehensive DevOps services like containerization, microservices, log management, deployment automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Including technologies

Our process

of software development


We carry out a research - the exploration of business and user needs assures us that we are able to create quality product. It is also time to estimate budget and determine details with our client.


We select the right people to the project and organize regular team meetings. During which we choose the appropriate technology and project features to let us achieve the goals.


Our designers and programmers work on final product. This creation process can be followed by a client. Maintaining high quality products is possible thanks to Agile Methodology.


We deliver and set up finished product. Project is finished when client assures us everything works properly. We also help client to make sure that project will be launched smoothly.

Solving Problems
and Keeping Clients Happy

of experience

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