About the project

RankSense’s core product is a groundbreaking machine-assisted SEO platform for e-commerce sites.

RankSense dramatically slashes the amount of time it takes to see SEO results. Rather than slogging through weeks of hard work auditing and implementing SEO best practices, you can now let our platform do the heavy lifting for you. RankSense increases a site’s organic traffic and revenue by getting significantly more pages optimized, all in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same work manually.

The challenge

RankSense’s core product is built on top of the Kubernetes Federation and Google Cloud Platform, which handles more than 1000 requests per second and can automatically scale almost indefinitely. Clusters are located in many regions in the world and are updated several times per day with zero downtime. The biggest challenge was to maintain this beast, not to mention rolling in new updates.


Ulam Labs embarked on a full infrastructure audit that shed light on several security and performance issues. After applying the proposed changes, the client was able to see a ⅔ cut in their monthly infrastructure bills. Ulam Labs also prepared a performance comparison test suite to measure the performance impact of the new features, as well as introducing a more reliable and robust deployment solution.

What the client says

Ulam Labs has been a lifesaver. They bailed us out of a critical situation. They were able to quickly comprehend our complex infrastructure and make improvements that cut our infrastructure costs by two-thirds.
We recommend them highly.

Hamlet Batista
Hamlet Batista

CEO @ RankSense

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